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Migration_Assistant Recently, I spent a great amount of time attempting to sync my new MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.7 with my old MacBook Pro running 10.4.11. Not having a firewire cable handy, I decided to use an ethernet cable. Supposedly, this is now possible, according to Apple. Well, not so… at least not for me.

I even spent 45 minutes on the phone with Apple’s tech support. The woman who helped me (she was very cool), ran me through the gamut. We tried everything from powering down both MacBooks, took the battery out of the old one, pressed the power button for 10 seconds, placed the battery back in, zapped the pram on both laptops, installed cd and dvd sharing from the new MacBook’s DVD, [take a breath…]

None of which worked… In the end, she and I agreed that it would be far less painful if I just got my hands on a firewire cable. So, I did just that, and everything worked out perfectly.

So, a word to the wise:

Save yourself some headaches, and use a firewire cable when migrating data from one Mac to another.

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