Where Has My Repository Gone?


Once upon a time, we could hop on over to Jason Litka’s  ”Utter Ramblings”, a wonderful service where Jason offered bleeding-edge Red Hat Enterprise RPMs of the latest Apache, MySQL, and PHP builds. I was saddened today to find out that he has stopped all work since a far back as May 7, 2008. Apparently, he got engaged and that was the beginning of the end for his tasty roll-outs of up-to-date RPMs. Jason, all I can say is, we will miss you.

So, that left me wondering. Where is everyone flocking to now? Well, it looks like there is someone of French origin carrying the torch: Remi’s RPM Repository.

I tried using the repository. However, I ran into a plethora of dependancy issues when I tried to update the installations on one of my servers. It looks as if I’ll need to wipe all of Jason’s installations and reinstall everything from the Remi repository. Bummer.

If anyone has made the jump from Utterramblings to Remi, please let me know. If at all possible, I’m curious as to what steps need to be taken before I decide to take the plunge on my own.

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