Zapping Stubborn Files from the Trash in Mac OS X

Sometimes holding the option key down while emptying the trash in Mac OS X is not enough. You may find yourself grappling with a file which claims to be “in use” by another application. In my case, it was located in a trashed Parallels directory. Mind you, I uninstalled Parallels eons ago.

So, with the sys admin knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, I decided to try using sudo privileges to get the job done. In milliseconds flat, the offending file was removed from the trash. Here’s how I did it:

:~ cd /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/goran/.Trash/
:~ cd Parallels Support Files/Library/Preferences/Parallels/
:~ ls
:~ sudo rm prl_disp_service.socket

Hope this helps.

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